The Supersynths Player is our sample playback engine. Mac and PC compatible - 32 or 64 bit - it is slim on CPU and compatible with almost everything!


SuperCore v2 is a multi-timbral, multi-layered rompler that is full featured, comes with a superb 6.2gb sound library and is infinitely upgradeable.


GrooveBlox allows anyone to create and perform a wide variety of grooves, loops and tonal elements with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of FUN!


Klang is a multi-layer drum machine with a mixer, panning, midi channel selector, envelope, loop editor and is CC learnerable for your hardware.


From howling phantasms to children screaming and ghostly breathing to things that definitely go bump in the night, Monstrous is the go-to synth for horror, sci-fi, gothic, industrial and other scores.


PRIZM is the Atmospheric Construction Synth. It comes with a massive 16gb core library and can be used to create rock, pop, country music or any orchestral or modern score.


The Synth Enchilada is our best bargain to date - you get access to all of our amazing synths and every sampleset expansion in our library. GrooveBlox, Klang, Monstrous, PRIZM, SuperCore, etc.


Don't need yet another virtual instrument but want our incredible and supremely clean sampled sounds? You got it! Most of our products come as sampleset expansions in a wide variety of formats.

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