Purchase Price:  $40.00
Sale Price:  $20.00
This synth is Windows Compatible
This synth is available as a VST Plugin
GrooveBlox Live is a live performance plugin that allows anyone with any kind of hardware to create, manipulate and perform kick butt grooves with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of FUN!

The GrooveBlox Live core library includes a combination of 350 loops in five categories.  The entire collection is only 388 megabytes, so it can fit on pretty much any kind of device.  That means you can store it on your phone, tablet or laptop and not waste a ton of valuable space.  It also means it takes almost nothing to download.  However, the library is top quality looped grooves, drum beats, arpeggiated synths, basslines, guitar parts and all manner of cool and current effects.  The loops can be used in your music whether it be rock, pop, house, trance, techno, electro or even industrial.  There are also ethnic grooves with asian, latin and middle eastern influence.  Finally, the library includes breakdown items such as shakers, timbales, tommies, congas and more - so you can construct your groove or add to it.  Important to note is that every GrooveBlox works with every other GrooveBlox.  They come as standard wave files, so they can be loaded into any sequencer, DAW or other software that accepts 16 bit, 44.1 khz wave files.

The GrooveBlox Live virtual instrument is a PC vsti plugin, so it will not work on Mac natively.  You can, however, use Bootcamp on the Mac and use GrooveBlox Live like you would any other PC software.
The interface sports 8 layers for you to load your grooves in.  Each layer has a panic button (in case something gets stuck), full ADSR envelope controls, a level knob, MIDI channel selector, groove slicer and wave display, groove shift, pitch shift and EQ with Low, Medium and High knobs.

The individual MIDI selectors per channel allow you to assign a MIDI value (1-16 or ALL) and then use that in your sequencer to 'sculpt' your groove.  However, an even better way to do this is with the Groove Slicer section, since it allows you to assign MIDI notes per section.

The Groove Slicer is one of the premiere parts of GrooveBlox Live.  With the slicer, you can take any groove, add segments to slice it up (non-destructively) and then you can play the resulting sections any way you wish.  You can assign any section to any note on the keyboard and have full control over how the groove plays in your DAW, Sequencer or on your MIDI keyboard or control surface.

GrooveBlox Live has a full featured mixer with panning and volume sliders.  It has a full Preset Browser and a cool Latch Keyboard for use with playing your grooves and holding the notes.  Beneath the Latch Keyboard is Mute buttons for each layer.  Like almost all controls in GrooveBlox Live, the mute buttons are MIDI learnable, so you can use them with your MIDI control surface or keyboard and turn them on and off in a performance setting, for example.

Finally, GrooveBlox Live sports a nice compliment of Effects, such as Reverb, Tempo Synced Multi-Tap Delay, Tempo Synced LFO and a Compressor to make sure things sound as good as possible.

GrooveBlox Live has a 30 day full-featured DEMO that you can download right now and try it out.  It comes with 28 GrooveBlox, which are yours to keep.  If you love what you hear, you can purchase at any time and will immediately receive a serial number to unlock the demo as well as your download links to the entire 350 GrooveBlox library.