Evolvers are one of the most important facets in PRIZM.
They are used to create a long, undulating and evolving
bed - and form the basis of each preset.

Usually brought in first, Evolvers allow you to add that
long sonic bass, that slight buzz or that ghostly wind you
hear in movies, television shows and games.

There are over 60 different Evolvers and each one can be used for a different purpose, from the other wordly, to natural sound effects.  We will also be adding more Evolvers through free downloads for paying customers as well as expansion packs.
PRIZM comes with a wide spectrum of sonic capabilities.  Everything was recorded and sampled at 24 bit, 48khz for a totally pristine, HD-DVD-ready experience and down sampled to 16 bit, 44.1 khz for excellent performance.

PRIZM comes standard with a 16 gigabyte core library and 32-bit Wusikstation synth engine (PC only).  You can also purchase the optional 64-bit V7 Wusik engine as well as the additional 15 gigabyte Wusik core library (for a whopping 31 gigabytes of total sounds!)  Here is a breakdown of what is included in the core library:

PRIZM comes with brass instruments of all shapes and sizes:

The Acoustic Brass section convers trumpets, trombones, symphonic
trumpet section and trombone section, as well as a full orchestral brass section covering all manners of brass instruments (trumpets, trombones, tubas, baritones, french horns, etc).
The Analog Brass section covers all types of brass samples created from analog hardware and software and includes sounds including sustained brass, muted brass, swells, raw saw waves, massive unison waves, synced sounds and beautiful pads.
The Modeled Brass section covers various brass-like
instruments.  Here you will find pads that sizzle, sounds
that swell and undulate and others that harshly blast. 
Other sounds are more serene.

This is the section where you can find a 10-foot trumpet or a sousaphone that is combined with an elephant's unique roar - stuff like that.

All-in-all, you will find the analog brass section in PRIZM to be full featured and perfect for adding all kinds of brass-like character to your productions.

Emoters are sounds that you can use to evoke a feeling, whether it be drama, horror, good, bad, etc.  These sounds defy explaination.  They are original and were painstakingly crafted to work with a wide vartiety of possibilities.

With sampleset names like "Shot In Space", "Against Sheetmetal" and "Killd Flute" and our family favorite, "Slicing Flesh", you can see where it's hard to explain them.  However, the practical uses are never-ending.

Most of the more harsh, emotive feelings in our demos come from this section of the library.  This is where we earn the "Hardcore" in our company name.

We have included an assortment of guitars as well as some deep growling acoustic, electric and analog bass instruments, sizzling leads and cool distorted power chords.
Piano and Keys

PRIZM contains some excellent Piano and keyboard-related sounds.  Everything from organs, pianos and electric pianos all the way to keyboard instruments we devised in our own minds are available to you.

We have also created some great presets that take full advantage of damper pedals and even room ambience through the mod wheel on your keyboard!

We recorded some large-scale percussion for use in the integrated tempo-synced groove box (much like a drum machine) or to use in any of your music projects.  With it, you can make orchestral scores with booming timpani-like instruments, massive ensembles and more!

There are big hits, bells, looping chimes, massive ensembles, long gong hits, triangles, xylophones and all kinds of amazing BIG sound effects.
Plucked String

Sounds in this category include any stringed instrument that can be plucked, both real and invented.  Included are orchestral, ethnic and acoustic-guitar-like instruments.

These are amazing when used with the wave sequencers or arps.  PRIZM is tempo synced to your host, so incredible moving textures and rhythms can be created.

You get everything from acoustic, analog and modeled strings.  The acoustic string instruments include solo, sections and more!  These strings simply sound incredible!

We have recorded several excellent vocal performers in a wide variety of stylings.  You get ahh's, oh's, oo's, eh's, ee's, la's, na's, hey's and phrases.  Both male and female, these generic instruments add that amazing ethereal human quality to any production!

Also included are analog vox and modelled vocal performances that differ from the nearly real to completely weird.

Finally, we also recorded something we call gutterals - these are vocal performances recorded by whispering or barely breathing - the results are scary and completely original - and immenently useable to spice up scary and dramatic moments.

Wind instruments include a fantastic orchestral flute, amazingly real pan flutes (small and large) and a nice selection of analog and modelled wind instruments.

Many amazing ethnic instruments are found in this section and add a real flair to any musical project.  Great for leads and harmonies!
This synth is Windows Compatible (Wusik version)
This synth is available as a VST Plugin
PRIZM V7 64-bit - Full - no library:
Upgrade PRIZM 32 bit
to V7 64 bit (no library):
PRIZM V7 64-bit +
Wusik Core
Library:  $130.00
Wusik V7 64 bit (upgrade) & PRIZM:
For a more detailed summary of the core library, including all categories, samples sizes,
and audio demos CLICK HERE.
For a more detailed summary of the core library, including all categories,
samples sizes, and audio demos CLICK HERE.
Purchase Price:  $75.00
Sale Price:  $45.00