SuperCore v2 is a multi-timbral, multi-layered rompler capable of massive sounds.  It is easily programmable and infinitely upgradeable with a nearly endless palette of sounds to use.

The SuperCore v2 core library weighs in at 6.2GB and includes an excellent selection of sounds in eight distinct categories:  Basses, Bells, FX, Keys, Leads, Pads, Percussive and Synths.

The Bass sounds range from lo-fi techno, house and dance to acoustic and electric plucks, pulls and stabs.  There is also a nice selection of analog sounds to round out this cateogry.

The Bells sounds provide digital and sampled bells and bell-like instruments to enhance your productions.  These work great with the built-in phrase sequencer, but more on that in a bit.

The FX category gives you several nice special effect sounds to sprinkle over your music.  They range from weird percussive to glass-like timbres and digital waves.

The Keys section is where the SuperCore v2 library really shines!  Here you get everything from organs to pianos to keys that talk!  Also included are percussive-like chromatic instruments that provokes images of island instruments to classic electric pianos from years gone by.

SuperCore's Leads are amazing.  You get a large selection of sounds to use as lead instruments in your music.  Everything from phatt square and saw waves to massive unisons to specialized leads sounds not heard anywhere else are included.  You will NOT be disappointed with this section!
The Pad category contains special sounds that create vibrant atmospheres, scary soundscapes and gorgeous strings, brass and more!  Use this type of sound to add a underscore or soundscape to your productions.

sounds include kicks, stix, wood blocks and more.  Use them with the Phrase Sequencer to create full grooves or just use them to spice up your sound and give a percussive kick to any preset.

Lastly, the Synth section gives you all kinds of synth sounds, which include digital, FM, analog and massive synthesizer flavors.  Some are lo-fi, some classic and some you've never heard before, but all of them sound AWESOME in SuperCore v2!

SuperCore v2 has the following features:

6 layers, each with a Soundfont loader, ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release) Envelope Controls, a full EQ section, MIDI channel selector, Key Mapping System, Pitch Shifter and Graphical Zone Control System.

The Soundfont loader allows you to load in ANY Soundfont.  There are literally THOUSANDS of Soundfonts, both free and paid, out there.  Not only can use use your own sounds, but ALL SuperSynths sounds come in Soundfont format, so you can use ANY of our sounds as well.  This includes the BRAND NEW PRIZM Dissected (coming soon) as well as our other samplesets: Monstrous, Klang, Arcana, Atmos, Brassphemy, Brass Atak, Southern Style, Vocalsphere and our beloved Kazoo.

The ADSR controls allow you to shape the envelope of each sound.  More attack gives you a pad.  More release lengthend the tail of the sound, etc.  The EQ lets you shape the highs, mids and low end of each sound.  Add more lows for a nice punchier bass.  Take out some of the high end if the sound is too tinny.  How you shape your sounds is up to you, but SuperCore v2 allows you to shape it any way you want it.

The MIDI channel selector allows you to assign any one of 17 possible MIDI channels (1-16 or ALL).  You can use this for the built in Phrase Sequencer or in your DAW or Sequencer to have SuperCore v2 control up to 6 MIDI layers in your production.  This means you can record as many as six MIDI sequences and then have SuperCore v2 control them, a different sound for each MIDI sequence.  Imagine a full orchestral piece or a massive soundscape - anything can be achieved with this!  Also, this is PER INSTANCE, so if you have 2 instances of SuperCore v2, then you can control as many as 12 MIDI channels.  A third instance and you can control all 16 MIDI channels (with two left over for other stuff).  SuperCore v2 has a low CPU footprint, so multiple instances won't drain your memory!

Our cool Key Mapping System allows you to define any key as another key.  You can use this for simple zoning or to re-define where and how your sounds play across the keyboard.  You get as many as THREE maps per layer.

The Pitch Shifter lets you raise or lower a sound's pitch by as many as two octaves in either direction.  Used with zoning, this allows you to place a sound higher or lower on the keyboard and then alter their pitch to work with your music.  For example, if you load in a string soundfont and zone it to the higher octaves on a keyboard, it;'s where you want it, but the sound may be too high pitched to be useful.  Pitch shift it down an octave and now it becomes a good, useful range for your preset.  Likewise, you can create harmonic combinations as well.  Take three sounds and have them harmonize with each other.

Our Graphical Zone Control System is the icing on the cake in SuperCore v2.  This is a CUSTOM system created ONLY for SuperCore v2.  With it, you can GRAPHICALLY alter the zoning of a sound across the entire keyboard.  Included in each layer, this allows you to place your sounds with laser-beam accuracy across all 127 possible keys.  Imagine bass sounds in the lower octaves, strings and brass in the middle and lead sounds in the upper octaves.  This feature truly allows you to create massive sounding presets.  Combine this with the Pitch Shifter, MIDI and Key Mapper and you have endless possibilities!

What would a rompler be without EFFECTS?  SuperCore v2 comes FULLY LOADED with a silky smooth Reverb, Tempo-Synced Delay with Stereo Panning, Chorus and Flanger, a Distortion section for turning pretty sounds into nasty, lo-fi distorted monsters, a Compressor and Limiter and finally, a complete Filtering section with Band Pass, Low Pass, High Pass, and Notch filters as well as an envelope shaper, Stereo Widener and Sync capability.

SuperCore v2 contains a world-class Phrase Sequencer.  What is a Phrase Sequencer?  It's an advanced Arpeggiator, Trance Gate, Groove creator and Pattern Sequencer.  You can graphically place your notes on a massive grid that allows for more than 256 by 256 grid spaces.  You can zoom in and out for exact placement (and to take it easy on your eye strain).  Each note can be assigned a MIDI channel (use this with the MIDI selector in each layer), Velocity and Gate parameter.  You can SAVE and LOAD patterns both individually or in banks for future retrieval.  Use this to create rhythmic passages alongside your other sounds in SuperCore v2 and in sync with your DAW or Sequencer.  Imagine using a drum machine and have SuperCore v2 create the rhythmic pattern to go along with it (a nice kalimba or other chromatic sound from the SuperCore v2 library works really well this way).

Finally, SuperCore v2 has a complete Preset System.  Load ours or create your own.  You get 128 presets and can save unlimited programs and banks in all DAWs and sequencers.  Every single feature in SuperCore v2 can be saved as a Preset.  Consider Presets a SNAPSHOT of the state of SuperCore v2 at the time you save it.

Also, almost all knobs and sliders in SuperCore v2 are LEARNABLE.  This means you can use your own MIDI Controllers with almost ALL areas in SuperCore v2 - great for live performance or for easy tweaking.
This synth is Windows Compatible
This synth is available as a VST Plugin
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Purchase Price:  $60.00