Supersynths is the website for cutting edge synths and sounds.  For the last 25 years, we've had a PASSION for music and creating custom sounds and presets.  Our love of creating custom presets came from the variety of Korg and Yamaha hardware synths we have programmed and used over the years, especially our first synth, the Korg Poly-800 and our current synths, the beloved Korg Karma and Yamaha workstation class keyboard, the PSR S910.

As a company that utilizes live sound for our productions, we have a series of state-of-the-art field recorders and microphones that not only record sound in pristine 24 bit, 96khz format, but can also record in true stereo and SURROUND SOUND!  Our massive array of hardware synths and software synths allow us to create all manner of sounds for our synths.  More importantly, our Korg Oasys computer workstation allows us to create sounds through every kind of synthesis known, from FM and Additive, to Subtractive, Spectral and Scanned synthesis.  Also, this sound design workstation allows us to create MODELLED sounds - sounds that do not exist in real life, but are mathematically created, such as a 20 foot flute that ends in a Ostrich's beak or a Tuba bell attached to an elephant.  These are silly examples, but they do illustrate the power of modelled instruments - the approximation of anything we can imagine, real or otherwise.

Over the years, we have honed our craft in sound design, music composition and programming.  We have programmed in a wide variety of computer languages, such as Basic, Visual Basic, Live Code, Javascript, Delphi, PHP, MySQL and many 3D scripting languages for use with 3D engines, such as Lua and Python.  In the last ten years, we began a quest to create the best synths and sounds.  The result is five synths and many expansion packs - and we're just getting started!

Through the years, we have perfected our sampling and looping techniques through the use of a wide variety of music and sound hardware as well as a massive smattering of music-related software.

Thank you for your interest in Supersynths and we hope that you join our family of clients now or in the future.